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Pairing: All Sulu/Chekov
Rating: All NC-17 (gawd)

Kink Request 1: "N-dimensional math (or, any headhurty-complicated math, really) as pillowtalk."

The completed theorem is still open on Pavel's computer screen, but while the two of them are still in the desk chair, they stopped studying the notes a while ago.

"So you must have had to switch to differential equations," Hikaru manages to say, once he's buried fully inside Pavel.

"Mm, so I thought, but there was no evidence of... ah, of time dilation," says Pavel breathily, leaning back against Hikaru's chest and tipping his head up to see him. "So I could just, mmm, yes, deny the consequent, with --"

"Modus tollens?" whispers Hikaru, kissing him, still rocking his hips steadily.

"God, yes," Pavel moans.

"So you got it down to -- nngh, yeah, you got it down to a conjunctive syllogism."

"Yes, Hikaru, yes -- and the proof was all mapped -- so I formulated a table and, ah, oh, God --"

"Tell me," says Hikaru, holding Pavel tight against him and panting with a matching rhythm. "You used de Morgan's, didn't you."

"Unngh, yeah, please --"

"And what did you get?"

"I got," cries Pavel, arching, fisting his own cock desperately, "I g-got..."

"Tell me, baby," says Hikaru breathlessly, rubbing his fingers hard over Pavel's left nipple.

"Ahn, yes, da, lapochka, I got, I got, a tautology" -- and then Pavel throws his head back on Hikaru's shoulder, crying out and bucking hard, coming everywhere.

"Fuck," growls Hikaru. He lowers his mouth onto Pavel's, thrusting up into him faster and faster until he comes, groaning, with Pavel holding his cheeks gently, watching him.

They're still for a while. Then they kiss, wordlessly, until Hikaru tips his head back and opens his eyes.

"Listen," he says, still panting. "Did you hear that?"


"I think we gave Spock a hard-on from across the ship."

Kink Request 2:
"Sulu with a tongue stud."

Sulu wears it the night of their first shore leave. He doesn't show it off, doesn't stick out his tongue or call attention to it in any way, and Chekov doesn't even notice it until they've been at their table in the bar for a while. Sulu's talking animatedly to Kirk and Uhura about their plans the next day, laughing, and there's a brief glint of silver in his mouth.

After that, Chekov stares, trying to see it again and again. It's a tongue stud, as he thought. A simple one, probably platinum, polished and shining. Chekov sees it best when Sulu hesitates a second before speaking, his lips parting slowly around an idea, and then it looks almost like a little flourish to his words.

At first Chekov wonders when he got it, and what made him decide to get it, and he's thinking of asking him. But as Sulu drinks his lips get flushed, and Chekov keeps noticing how smooth and wet the metal seems when it flashes in his mouth.

Abruptly, Chekov pushes back his chair and excuses himself to the bathroom.

He's staring into the mirror there, panting a little, when he hears a knock on the door.

"Just a minute," he says.

"Pavel?" Sulu opens the door a crack and peers in.

"Hey," he says, stepping in. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine, why?"

"You were acting weird at the table."

"Ah," says Chekov. He pauses. "Hikaru, when did you get your tongue pierced?"

"This? When I was eighteen."

"I've never seen it before," says Chekov.

By this time, Sulu's noticed his hard-on, and how Chekov's looking at his mouth.

"Oh," he says, with a warm chuckle. "Is that it?"

Chekov bites his lip, hoping he won't have to explain further, but of course he doesn't. Sulu kisses him right where his teeth and lip meet and kneels down, unbuttoning Chekov's pants as he goes.

When Sulu begins to suck, he keeps his tongue back, knowing exactly what's got Chekov so excited about this little piece of metal -- the flashes of it, how it's elusive almost, there in Sulu's hot wet mouth. The first time he rolls his tongue up and Chekov can feel it, the hard little nub of it, he jerks forward with a gasp, and Sulu draws back again, just a little, before he rubs it along the underside of Chekov's cock.

"Hikaru, fuck."

Chekov starts panting hard, his hands tight in the collar of Sulu's civilian button-down shirt. He can feel the stud constantly now, smooth and hard against the seam of his cockhead, light and almost tickling along the shaft. Sulu's sucking hard, his mouth wet, his thumbs stroking Chekov's hips with the rhythm of his tongue, and Chekov closes his eyes, lets his head tip back and rest against the wall. When he glances down, Sulu notices him watching, and draws back just enough so that the stud is in plain view in his open mouth, nestled right against the slit of Chekov's cock.

Cursing, Chekov reaches down and starts jerking himself off hard, and Sulu stays perfectly in position, watching him, mouth wide open, not moving even when Chekov moans low and starts to come in pulses all over Sulu's tongue. Chekov pants and watches, still jacking his cock, milking it into Sulu's mouth, and Sulu lets him, never breaking his gaze.

When Chekov's done he relaxes against the wall again, breathing hard. Slowly Sulu draws his tongue back and licks his lips, and his throat moves as he swallows.

"God, Hikaru," says Chekov in a whimper, holding a hand to his sweaty forehead.

Sulu sticks out his tongue a little and grins.

Kink Request 3:
"Sulu is fooling around with virginal still-sewenteen Chekov and discovers that Chekov has like insanely sensitive nipples."

That night, he and Pavel had decided to go on "a really date" (as Pavel put it), instead of just going to Sulu's quarters and trying to invent a viable two-person betting version of Omaha poker for an hour or so before giving up and kissing, as they'd been doing for the past several weeks. But at twenty-hundred, when Pavel showed up in actual dress uniform, his hair slicked back adorably, Sulu simply had to pull him in and tackle him to the sofa. Luckily Pavel seemed very agreeable to the new plan.

They were up to Sulu's favorite part of making out, when the overwhelming need to taste every part of Pavel's mouth had simmered into a nice slow burn and Pavel was spread out hot and soft in his lap like a blanket, when Sulu pulled back for a second and grinned before starting to undo Pavel's uniform shirt.

"Mmm?" Pavel's eyes were still closed.

"Can't get this wrinkled," Sulu murmured, and smiled at the breathless laugh he got in reply. He lifted the shirt up and gently off, tousling Pavel's hair back to curls when he was done, and rested his hands lightly on his warm bare shoulders, deeply humming approval into Pavel's mouth when he gave a little whimper.

They hadn't done this before, taken off any part of each other's clothes. Sulu kind of liked it, actually, how sweet and innocent, almost chaste, they'd been since they started dating, since Pavel's hot-faced stammering I like you in the hallway one morning when they'd been waiting for the turbolift, Sulu caught mid-yawn and almost choking when he tried to respond. Maybe because they could both feel the electric tingle each time they touched, the blue-white heat between them that made them swallow and blush and laugh breathlessly even when they were just chatting at dinner. Somehow the knowledge of how hot they made each other made this, the little window of time before they'd had sex, pleasurable in its own way, something delicious.

Which probably made the wait nicer for Pavel. When Sulu set limits for himself, on the other hand, there was never any danger of his crossing those limits. It simply didn't happen. So when he told himself he wouldn't touch Pavel between the navel and the knees until his eighteenth birthday, two months away, it was almost freeing, a kind of relief to know he wouldn't have to struggle to control himself until then.

That was until he ran his fingertips from Pavel's clavicle to his ribs, and Pavel broke the kiss with a little cry.

Sulu froze.

"I'm sorry," he said immediately. "Did I hurt something?"

Pavel grimaced, shook his head.

"Are you ticklish?"

Pavel pressed the heel of his hand against his eye.

"It's okay, just let me know, I'd never -- I hate people who do that, like they think it's funny even when you tell them not to --"

"It didn't tickle."

Sulu blinked. "Oh."

Pavel eased one eye open, and sighed.

"It is, um," he murmured. The tips of his ears were red, and Sulu had to hold himself still to keep from licking them. "It, feels... a lot. Here." He gestured vaguely to his chest.

It took Sulu a minute to figure out what he meant.

"You mean -- you're sensitive?" he said, in a much lower voice than he'd intended. "Here?"

He pressed his thumb gently to a hard little nipple, and at once Pavel shuddered, shoulder flexing.

Sulu swallowed heavily.

"Okay," he said, and pulled Pavel forward into another kiss. It seemed like the right thing to say; and anyway this was all in the safe zone, wasn't it? Still innocent, just touching. Just running his hands down Pavel's chest.


Sulu pulled back, breathless and sheepish.

"Sorry," he said, licking his lips.

Pavel was staring at him, his thin little chest heaving. He looked like he was about to say something, but then he just took Sulu's hand in his own and drew it up against his body, slowly.

"What is it?" said Sulu. His heart was pounding in his ears. "You like it?"

Pavel nodded, still not meeting his eyes.

"I like it too," he said softly, watching every tiny shift on Pavel's face, knowing deep down that he was crossing the barrier but unwilling to stop. "I like the sounds you make."

Pavel whimpered again at that, and let out the sweetest little gasp when Sulu circled both nipples with his fingers, just gently at first, barely touching, then dragging the rougher pads of his thumbs over the tight pink skin. Pavel shivered up with a helpless moan, exactly how Sulu'd imagined he might sound the first time Sulu pulled him off.

"You make me hard," he found himself whispering into Pavel's ear as he stroked, and there was another moan, sharper and edged with what sounded like a sob. Sulu licked one thumb, then the other, before bringing them back to Pavel's nipples. "All the time."

"Hikaru," cried Pavel, throwing his head back.

"Mmm" was all Sulu could say, the sound rumbling from his chest. He blew a gentle breath of cool air on Pavel's wet skin, and felt him buck crazily in his arms, grinding down hard on Sulu's lap. That was definitely not part of the plan but Sulu didn't care; he wasn't touching anywhere he wasn't supposed to, and the look on Pavel's face, the noises he was making, the way his crazy breaths felt against Sulu's skin, God.

Sulu rubbed him harder and faster, all the images he'd painted of Pavel arching, moaning, bucking, coming flashing so fast across his vision that he couldn't even think. "Hikaru, I can't" he heard Pavel say, a frantic whisper that was almost a whine, "I can't, I can't" before he was jerking his hips in erratic thrusts against Sulu's lap, gasping loud, coming.

For a minute Sulu was totally frozen, his hands tight around Pavel's heaving sides; but gradually the high-pitched panting slowed, grew softer. Sulu felt soft curls pressing into his shoulder.

The choice here, he thought, was obvious. He could gently peel Pavel away, press a hand to his forehead and apologize for losing control, agonize later over what he'd done and how Pavel must be taking it; or he could cede the point to the universe.

Sulu pulled Pavel closer and breathed a kiss into his neck.

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